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languages English, German, may contain traces of Dutch
timezone Europe/Amsterdam

Very queer (relationship) anarchist tech worker who also has interests that don't involve their work.

You can read my blog posts on, if that sounds like your jam.

I am somewhat selective in which follow requests I accept, please have at least a bio or be mutuals with someone I know before sending a request.

Pronouns: they/them, she/her or nin/nins

Image descriptions:
Profile picture: A Sims 4 character with pink and purple hair taking a selfie in front of a progress pride flag.
Header image: A Gracht in Amsterdam during the evening. There's multiple sight seeing boats visible. The picture is heavily edited to give the water a beautiful blue tint and boost the effect the street lights have on their surroundings.

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DysphoricUnicorn­č¬┐ . @dysphoricunicorn,
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I hope the emoji in my screen name is not annoying to screen reader users.

I'm doing this for an experiment that might take multiple years to be finished

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DysphoricUnicorn­č¬┐ . @dysphoricunicorn,
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After spending way too much time in a tesla this week I can say the following:

- It's a nicer car than any of the internal combustion cars i've been in
- It seems way worse designed than the BYD we got on our last road trip but the longer range makes it the better car
- A lot of features aren't thought out well
- The user interface is awful and breaks some of the most basic UX rules
- The "AI" that is supposed to control the whole car in areas where that is legal is embarrassingly bad and I wouldn't trust it to even just park the car
- Modern cars have neat safety features that should be mandatory on all vehicles sold
- Cars are awful, trains are cool

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DysphoricUnicorn­č¬┐ . @dysphoricunicorn,
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I spoke Dutch with Dutch people today for the first time ever (offline).

Yes, it was only a two word interaction but I heard them, understood what they were saying and came up with the correct response.

I'm kinda proud of that

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DysphoricUnicorn­č¬┐ . @dysphoricunicorn,
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Introducing HIStamines, allergies for men!

Also now available: Hertamines, the exact same thing but 3x as expensive and the packaging is pink now

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DysphoricUnicorn­č¬┐ . @dysphoricunicorn,
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I wonder in how many languages the word for the Netherlands is plural and in how many it's singular

I was quite surprised to learn that the dutch word is singular

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